Although the nations and institutions of the old world are gone, people crave connection, and small organizations have banded together for the sake of various aims. You might see yourself as a small cog in the engine that will build a new world or a rugged individualist. Either way, factions can prove useful in achieving goals that require more than your own two hands.

Factions in play

Factions are a tool for creating game plot. Any group of PCs or NPCs working towards a goal can be a faction. 

Factions play an essential role in Solitude's downtime actions system. After a game, PCs can propose downtime actions that can shape the game world. Although not every PC will achieve their downtime goals after each game, the impact of a successful downtime action is large, affecting at least an entire faction and sometimes more.

PCs may join factions during play, but may not start play with a faction affiliation. These factions are newly born and loosely organized. There's no central office to visit and no monthly meeting to attend, so if you want to join a faction the best way to do that is to attend one of the recurring gatherings that draw heroes and villains from all over the region. Most factions do not have a formal membership roll, so you might simply decide that you like the cut of their jib and start aiding in their goals.

Your PC does not need to join a faction to take downtime actions. You may aid a faction you are loosely affiliated with or work to sabotage a faction you oppose. Still, any downtime action must target a particular faction, and so it can be helpful to have a clear idea which one faction you most wish to aid or harm.

Starting a faction is simple: get at least one other person (PC or NPC) to agree with you that this faction exists. Make sure you also agree on what it's called! At that point, the faction is available as a valid target for downtime actions. As a new faction gains public notoriety, it becomes more likely to appear on this page.

Factions appearing on this page are fairly well known throughout the region, and PCs who have not yet encountered them in play might still have heard of them. On the other hand, some PCs have been literally living under a rock in the woods, and no faction is so well known that truly everyone has heard of them. There are, perhaps, other factions operating behind the scenes...

Friendly Factions

These factions are widely considered to be heroic and helpful by the ordinary folk of the region. They are likely to welcome help from PCs.

Villagers of Crow Canyon

Typical of people who stayed behind, the villagers of Crow Canyon are individualists, contrarians, and oddballs. The village has established a passable farming economy, though shortages of luxury goods are common. Villagers seem to rely on an "elder" for governance, though said elder appears to hold the position extremely reluctantly and not be notably older than most of the rest of the village.

Crow Canyon is recovering from a particularly poor Spring planting season that saw a good deal of crops die due to demonic influence. The village recovered by extending its farming range rather far out, and as a result faces substantial exposure to banditry.

After repeated attacks by the King of the Mountain, Crow Canyon is sitting on a wealth of Elven technology, mostly wrecked or of mysterious purpose.


Reach 1, Grasp -1, Sleight 0

1 Tech

Surplus food, labor

Needs safety, leadership, artisans

The Order of the Silver Lily

This group of self-appointed demon slayers has gained significant renown for saving Crow Canyon and Greenridge from demonic attacks. They are also one of the few factions with a degree of formal organization, having drafted a charter.

Charter of the Silver Lily

In addition to the heroic demon slayers, the Order is assisted by a number of monks. These monks worshipped Talay, a regional deity known for being the prophetic savior who would rescue humanic from an apocalypse. With faith in Talay having generally been abandoned by both the laiety and the clergy after the arrival of the elves, these monks found new purpose researching demons and anti-demonic rituals.


Reach 1, Grasp 1, Sleight -1

Surplus scouts, scholars

Needs weapony, labor, barter goods

The Worm Hunters

After a mysterious pictogram was circulated among the informal network of messages known as the crossroads, rumors spread like wildfire. What is The Worm? Who are the Worm Hunters? These rumors swirl especially fiercely surrounding reports of a shady individual (or individuals?) requesting blood samples from ordinary folk. Some people, however, swear vehemently the whole thing is a hoax.


Reach -1, Grasp 0, Sleight 2

Surplus medicine, engineering

Needs prestige, morale, spies

The Garden

The people cry out for something to believe in, even if the old religions have evaporated. A loosely knit faith has sprung up around the concept of a Sacred Garden that both sustains life as well as demands thoughtful cultivation. There is considerable effort among some adherents to try and craft a commonly understood set of tenets and rites, but such efforts have been stymied by a lack of organization and the contrarianism that characterizes so many people who stayed behind.


Reach 1, Grasp 0, Sleight 0

Surplus morale, rare materials

Needs scholars, defenses, safety

Hostile Factions

These factions are feared and hated by the ordinary folk of the region. However, some people claim they're just misunderstood...

The King of the Mountain

Nobody knows what this jerk called himself before the elves left, but now that he's found himself some kind of left-behind fabricator for elven automata, he's been attempting to subjugate nearby villages. Every few months his fabricator cranks out enough of the automata to stage a new conquest, although several attempts have been beaten back so far. His territory hasn't grown much in the past year, but his sporadic attempts have everyone on edge.

A critical weakness has recently been identified in the King's army. A safety override put in place by the King has been discovered and exploited to successfully disable his automaton soldiers.


Reach -1, Grasp 2, Sleight -1

Surplus weaponry, labor

Needs land, engineering, prestige, rare materials

The Worm

See Worm Hunters, above. Does this "Worm" they are hunting even exist?


Reach -1, Grasp 0, Sleight 2

Surplus spies, defenses

Needs rare materials, artisans, weaponry

Shadowbleat's Herd

Everyone knows the woods are full of ferocious beasts that pose a particular threat to sole travelers. But one set of hills in particular has become feared for an organized pack of beasts that will attack even larger groups. The rare survivor reports that the beasts in this pack seem to not derive from a single animal species, though this statement is often met with great skepticism. One great horned creature features especially prominently in rumors, and some claim he will even speak to travelers who respectfully stay outside of his territory.


Reach -1, Grasp 1, Sleight 1

Surplus scouts, spies

Needs defenses, scholars, food