Classes and Powers

While in combat, your mundane and magical skills gives your PC special powers. We use a class system to choose what powers you have.

The class system is designed along the answers to these questions:

Not every combination of answers is currently available, but we routinely solicit suggestions for what new combinations to prioritize when writing new classes. If there's a combination you're excited to try, reach out!

The Combat Rules page describes the combat effects that these class powers have access to. As a result, players do not need to learn the abilities of any class other than their own.

You are welcome to change classes to try out what's the most fun for you. The skilled/adept/devotee decision is intended to be lasting, and PCs should have a fictional reason to charge between these categories, but PCs are welcome to swap on the other choices as often as they like.

Skilled Classes


Martial Artist

Frontline skilled offense

We’re about to engage in some bloody business. You weren’t born to fight, but once you saw there were bad things that needed killing you set about to be damn good at it. Practice makes perfect, and if you want to survive this you won’t settle for less than perfect.

Flurry of Blows (1 energy): When you activate this ability you gain three melee strikes for 2 damage each. These stored strikes are lost when you complete a rest.

Critical Strike (1 verve): A melee strike for 8 Damage

Sweep the leg (1 verve): A melee strike for Maim 


Skirmisher skilled offense

Solving problems shouldn’t require violence, you say, looking at the bodies at your feet. Nobody needed to die today. But, in the moment, the bloody solution was the best one.

Backstab (1 energy): Spend a second to enter a focused state. While in this state, any melee attack you deliver from behind can be 2 Damage. “From behind” means: you are behind your target such that you can see both of their shoulderblades. If you are struck by any melee or packet attack this focused state ends. You can reenter the state by spending the energy cost again (typically after refreshing your energy and armor)

Slippery (1 verve): Until you refresh your energy and armor, you are immune to Root, Slow, and Maim. Call “No effect” in response to those attack effects.

Bloody Trophy (1 verve): Spend a moment at the body of a dead or unconscious enemy to celebrate your triumph. Call “Refresh Energy by Blood” 


Backline skilled offense

The elves noted when they came to this planet that not every sentient species on every planet understands the meaning of ➡️. Pointing in a direction is close to universal, but it takes a certain type of history for a planet to make its global symbol of direction a stick with a killing head on the end. Your tool is older than swords, older than wheels, older than recorded history. "Over there," your symbol says, "that thing should die."

Bow and arrows: You may use a dart blaster. See the combat rules for rules on safely using a blaster, and see the weapon guidelines for rules on what dart blasters you may use.

Aim and fire (1 energy): After using this ability, you may fire 6 darts. Call "1 damage" with each dart. You lose any prepared arrows when you recover armor and energy after a rest.

Clean arrows: If you recover 6 darts that have previously been fired, you may spend 10 seconds resting and cleaning them to recover 1 energy.

Threatening aim (1 verve): Aim your dart blaster at an opponent and call "By my gesture, agony by fear." As with all gesture effects, this effect lasts as long as you maintain the gesture, so don't drop your aim immediately.



Frontline skilled defense

The people around you are your friends, goddammit. You promised each other you’d keep each other safe. Well, some pretty scary thingamajigs are coming down the road and it looks like some of your buds aren’t quite as tough as you are. It’ll be alright, though. Nothing’s going to hurt them while you’re still standing.

Armor specialist: You have 5 armor, not 3.

Deflection (1 energy): Say “Parry” to negate one melee attack.

Brace for impact (1 verve): Cure agony and any number of maims on yourself. Refresh your armor. Take a short root. 


Skirmisher skilled defense

Staying out of sight and striking from behind isn’t fighting dirty, it’s survival. You won’t die here, not today at least. You’ve got a cause to live for, and that cause doesn’t need another martyr.

Desperate deflection (1 energy): Say “Parry” to negate one melee attack. If that attack would Slow, Maim, or Root you, or knock you unconscious, also refresh 2 points of armor.

Mobility (1 energy): Cure one Root, Slow, or a Maimed leg.

Diehard (1 verve): Call “heal 2 to self” to restore 2 health… briefly. Lose 1 health each time you deal damage, until you receive proper healing. This ability can be used while unconscious, bringing you back to consciousness, although when you do so spend a moment loudly roleplaying pushing through your wounds to make it harder to take enemies by surprise. 



Frontline skilled support 

Look, it’s not that complicated, guys. Don’t. Die. You’ll keep everyone’s guts on the inside, which is like at least 80% of not dying, and if you have to set “first, do no harm” aside for a bit that might be what it takes to cover the other 20%.

Adrenaline Stim (1 energy): Touch any person including yourself to Heal 2.

First aid (1 energy): Touch to Cure maim, root, or slow.

Emergency kit (1 verve): Gain 5 energy to use how you wish. This may exceed your maximum energy, but you cannot refresh your energy while exceeding your maximum. 

Adept Classes



Frontline adept offense

You have the power to change the world, and power demands to be used. When you tap into the unfathomable insights of your power, you see there is so much more this world can be than what it is. That perception spills out of you, imposing new laws of unnature.

A world without force (1 energy): A melee strike or thrown packet for Agony. 

A world without substance (1 energy): A melee strike or thrown packet for 2 Damage

A world without distance (1 verve): A melee strike for Root 


Skirmisher adept offense

There's a howling nothingness in your imagination. Pure annihilation, a destruction that leaves no corpses or ground to bury them in. There's no way this could happen; every fire leaves some ash behind. But in your mind you can see it, practically feel it: a yawning pit, a void, a terror, a promise. It pulls you, but you hang on to this world. And, in moments of need, you pull back on it, and a wisp of nothingness comes to you.

Void anchor: You have a void anchor prop, representing an arcane device you use to channel your powers. A basic version of this prop is a hula hoop at least 30 inches in diameter. Your void anchor should be decorated to be recognizable as a magical device with a distinct design you can identify as yours at a moderate distance of 10 paces. More elaborate props along the lines of a hula hoop are highly encouraged; reach out to the game team if you have questions.

You may move your void anchor at any time. You can drop it or slide it with your foot but not throw it. You may not fight with a weapon in the same hand that holds your void anchor. A void anchor is not a shield and cannot be used to block; if an attack hits your void anchor while you are holding it, you receive the effects of that attack. Your void anchor is an in-game physical object and can be moved by friends or enemies. 

Annihilate (1 energy): Spend 10 uninterrupted seconds pointing a melee weapon at an opponent who is directly between you and your void anchor. You may move during these 10 seconds to maintain alignment with your opponent and the void anchor.  After this, you may make a melee attack for 4 Damage against that opponent. If this attack causes that opponent to drop, you regain 1 energy.

Terminate (1 energy): Make a melee attack for 4 damage against an opponent who is directly between you and your void anchor.

Call of the Void (1 verve): Call "Imbue spirit" and return to your void anchor via the most direct path that safely avoids any combat. Call "Spirit" if  attacked; you take no effect from any attacks except those with a "to Spirit" call. Attacks with a "to Spirit" affect you as normal and in addition cause this ability to immediately end. After using this ability, your next rest takes 30 seconds rather than the usual minute.


Backline adept offense

Life was once so formulaic. Exchange money for food. Get a good night’s rest and you’ll feel better. Every action has a reaction. The rules were inflexible, and so boring.

Screw the rules, I have powers! Maybe the flames that shoot from my hands are really just new science, but it’s a strange and mysterious science that requires me to overclock my brain and drive my consciousness to new heights just to glimpse. I can engage in perpetual discovery because I do not live in a world that is an already-solved problem.

Unstable shielding: You have 2 armor, not 3.

Destructive Reaction (1 energy): You may throw 4 packets for 1 damage each. You lose any stored packet attacks when you restore your armor and energy. When you throw a packet call “One damage by [type]”, choosing a type appropriate for your character. While you have any packets remaining, you may rest for 10 seconds to recharge one packet, up to your limit of 4. This rest may run concurrent with resting to repair your armor. For example, if you have rested for 30 seconds to recharge three packets, you may choose at that time to rest another 30 seconds to finish repairing your armor.

Transmogrify (1 verve): A packet attack for Short Slow

Explosive Reaction (1 verve): You may throw 2 packets for 4 damage each. You lose any stored packet attacks when you rest. When you throw a packet call “Four damage by [type]”, choosing a type appropriate for your character.



Frontline adept defense

There’s nothing to be gained by playing it safe. You are constantly pushing your intrusions into the laws of nature in wild and unexplored directions, rewarding you with a surging power that you can just barely keep pointed at the bad guys.

Eyewall (1 energy): Disengage. If you do not move after using this ability, you may Disengage a second time when opponents return within your range.

Buffet (1 energy): A strike for Agony, but you take a short slow. If you are hit during this slow, you may call “Cure Slow” to remove the slow.

Raging Barrier (1 verve): “By my voice, agony to foes” 



Frontline Adept Support

Patience and perfection make art that transcends the tools used to make it. Hacking some raw energy out of the mystic forces isn’t hard, but it takes immense precision to manifest powers that you’d trust next to your friends. If you’re going to protect them and not blast their heads off, you need perfect control--but you’re an imperfect human. The only solution is to breathe deep and let your creative vision guide your hand.

Seek Peace (1 energy): Touch any target, including yourself, to “Grant 2 Protection”

Vital Force (1 energy): Touch any target, including yourself, to Heal 1.

The Brush (1 verve): Touch another person. After 10 seconds, you may heal 4, grant two protection, and cure maim to them. During this 10-count, you may use Disengage freely using your other hand, and you may use Disengage once more immediately after the 10-count is over. (If you are using a long weapon, for safety’s safe please choke up on the long weapon to make it about as long as a single weapon while waving it using one hand).

Epigraph (1 verve): Touch another person to Heal 3. When you do, Heal 3 to yourself as well. 


Backline adept support

The brain is an instrument of perception first and foremost. Light and sound enter your mind and there become meaning, emotion, and an internal world with a complex relationship with the material world around you. That instrument of perception is also your lever into the mystic arts. Seeing isn’t believing, seeing is creating. To unlock true power you must see the world you desire. Filter the evidence of your senses through your will and perceive more than just the bare substance around you. The world behind your eyes contains no room for something as mundane as physical wounds, so you disallow them from existence. You suppose that’s handy.

Abstraction: You have 2 armor, not 3.

Reality Breach: Spend 10 seconds meditating to pierce the veil of reality. Call “Refresh energy to self. Agony and Short Slow to self.” Note that the Short Slow requires rest to remove, and you cannot begin that rest until the agony wears off, so this process takes about 30 seconds from start to finish. You may not use Reality Breach again while you are affected by Agony or Short Slow.

Redefine winning (1 energy): Touch another person to heal 2.

Anatomical insight (1 energy): Minister to another person’s wounds for 10 seconds while they rest. At the end, heal 3 and cure maim, root or slow. Spend the energy cost only after successfully using this heal. 

Vision of victory (1 verve): “By my voice, heal 2” 

Devotee Classes



Frontline devotee offense

Fighting for a better world is the quintessential act of a devotee, and you celebrate your devotion by taking on the biggest and the baddest foes of the world.

Smite (1 energy): A melee strike for 4 damage.

Zeal (1 verve): This ability lasts from when you activate it until you reset armor and energy by resting for a minute. Whenever you are hit by an enemy, you gain a strike for 2 damage. You do not store multiple 2 damage strikes from this ability if you are hit again before expending your first earned strike. 

In the Face of Death (1 verve): A melee strike for “six damage and agony”. You may not use this ability while you have armor remaining. If you have exactly one health, you may instead call “ten damage and maim”. 


Skirmisher devotee offense

Every night, the sky is filled with reminders that the universe's majesty transcends the petty concerns of people. You know the brilliant jewels overhead are further away than you will ever travel and the silvery ruler of the night is a hunk of lifeless rock. But when you are lying down with your back on cool grass, the night sky is a painting and its artist speaks to you.

Arc of the Moon: You may use a dart blaster. See the combat rules for rules on safely using a blaster, and see the weapon guidelines for rules on what dart blasters you may use. While you may use any blaster allowed by the weapon rules, this class is designed to work best when using a lightweight blaster you can comfortably aim and fire with one hand.

Judgement (1 energy): You fire a blaster dart with a call of "Agony by [type]". Suggested types are "light," "shadow," "awe," and "fear." If you recover the ammunition spent using this ability, you may spend 10 seconds cleaning it to recover 1 energy.

Silver Bullet (1 energy): You may fire a blaster dart for "2 damage."

Nightfall (1 verve): You may disengage up to 5 times, though you must take a step back between each use of Disengage. You may end this ability by delivering a melee strike for 4 Damage (after which any remaining Disengages are lost).



Frontline devotee defense

Your friends describe you as tireless, but it’s really your conviction in your mission that keeps you going against all odds. It’s not about personal attributes like bravery or stamina, but the constant reminder that you are doing something too important to let yourself falter.

The Litany: Create a litany, a series of verses in a repeating pattern that describes your beliefs. Make something you can memorize easily, since you’ll be reciting it in combat. Reciting the litany must take at least one minute. Your recitation should be at conversation volume, not a whisper or mumbled, but does not need to be as loud as combat verbals. If you stop or interrupt a recitation (to talk or to use a combat verbal, but acknowledging a hit does not interrupt), you must begin again and waste any cost spent for the ability.

Shielding Litany (1 energy): Spend the energy cost and recite your litany. Upon completion, refresh armor and regain 1 energy (making this ability free when used successfully, but cost 1 energy when attempted but failed). You may not start this litany when you have full armor, but may if you have some but less than full armor.

Thunderous Words (1 verve): By spending a verve, you may conclude your litany early. When you spend the verve, you may immediately use Disengage. Then, gain 3 protection. You may only use this ability immediately after taking damage while reciting your litany. 



Frontline devotee support

The new world is not finished being born. We have a duty to the future, and to each other, to witness the sorrows of each new day and let night close on a world made at least a little bit better.

Shield of faith (1 energy): Call upon your cause and touch another person to Refresh 3 armor to them.

Arise! (1 energy): Touch another person to heal 1 to them. If they are unconscious, instead you may Heal 2.

Blood Testament (1 verve): After activating this ability and until the end of the scenario, when you go from full health to wounded, you may use Shield of Faith once without an energy cost. Yes, there’s no reason not to activate this ability at the beginning of every fight. 


Skirmisher devotee support

When the world has strayed, when wickedness rules in the guise of justice and the good are oppressed in the name of propriety, when all that is good in the world is perverted into excuses for sins, I shall return from the wilderness to sound the horn of truth. I return, my eyes scoured clear by the harsh winds and my clothes stained with the toil of my quest, to chastise the comfortable and expose the hypocritical. You so-called heroes, will you judge me for my wildness and bury your heads in your pretense of virtue? Or will you heed my message until all who are hungry are fed and all who are chained are free?

"Doom Comes For You!": When you deliver a death strike or an affliction (see below) to a downed enemy, you regain 1 energy. If your energy maximum is greater than 1 for some reason, this ability still cannot restore energy past a maximum of 1.

"Repent!": Instead of a death strike, you may call "Affliction 1, Affliction 2, Affliction 3, Inflict Repentance" to an NPC. Against a sentient foe, this ability will spare their life while temporarily inflicting them with a terror that will prevent them from returning to the battle. This is primarily a roleplaying ability to allow you to fuel "Doom Comes For You!" without taking the life of a sentient target. It will likely not have a long-term effect on a determinedly evil foe, but on a foe who might otherwise be persuaded to turn from their wicked ways this ability might help that persuasion.

"I Have Seen Your Suffering!" (1 energy): Touch another person  or yourself to Heal 1. If your target is unconscious, you may instead Heal 2.

"Then Shall Your Light Burst Through Like the Dawn!" (1 verve):  Touch a fallen target for "Heal 3, refresh 3 armor, and grant 3 protection"

"I Declare Your Transgression!" (1 verve): Call "By My Voice, Agony to Foes". Use this ability only while you observe foe in the process of delivering a Death Strike.


Backline devotee support

Life, with all its vibrancy, is no accident. We all, every living thing, are here because somebody planted a seed and nurtured it, and if some of those gardeners were thinking the strange, slow thoughts of plants they are gardeners nonetheless. Do not take the air you breathe, the food you eat, or the soft soil under your feet for granted; it was not made for you but it was made by hands more skilled than yours. I will take care of you, as I was once taken care of. If I am kind, it is no accident, and if I am not, the same.

Tender: You have 2 armor, not 3.

New Shoots from Old Bark: If you have full (2) armor, but no energy, you may spend 10 seconds meditating. This causes you to lose your armor but refresh your energy.

Vines (1 energy): A packet attack for “agony by [type]”. Choose a type from “thorns”, “poison”, “confusion,” or "bees". The first time each battle you miss throwing a packet with this ability, you do not expend energy.

Regrowth (1 energy): Touch any person including yourself to Heal 1. If you continue to minister to their wounds for another 10 seconds, you may do an additional Heal 1.

Sanctuary Tree (1 verve): Call “Imbue Treeform to Self,” loudly enough to be generally heard across the field. While you have the Treeform attribute: