Charter of the Silver Lily

We, the undersigned, are dedicated to the purpose of eliminating the threat of Demons of the Apocalypses. This charter describes how we are led, our vow, and our heraldry. To whit:


People-at-arms of the Silver Lily, during their tenure, will be tasked with the extermination of known and proven demons and the protection of the local populace from said demons.

Combat commanders are elected by a majority of members present and serve as such until the end of that conflict or battle.


Combatants and noncombatants join the order voluntarily and may resign at any time. Any arms provided by the Order must be returned upon resignation.


In order to supply the Order, noncombatants may enlist and volunteer their services. The Order also accepts donations. A quartermaster will be elected at each biannual gathering to decide how to allocate resources and riect volunteer noncombatants. In the event of the death or resignation of the previous quartermaster, a new one will be elected by a majority of present members.

The Order will meet twice a year to conduct elections and, upon majority approval, draft and enact a revision of this charter.