Solitude Junior

Solitude for Families with Young Children

The bulk of this website contains the rules and setting for Solitude, a LARP for adults. This is the only page related to Solitude Junior, a family activity for young children. If you are participating in Solitude Junior with your family, the rest of this website might be of passing interest but is not relevant for the family activity.

Solitude Junior is a family activity to introduce children to LARP. 

Solitude is a game for people 18 and older, but Solitude Junior welcome families with children as young as 3. Together as a family you can build and decorate a basic foam sword and engage in imaginative play with other families.

Basic expectations

Solitude Junior is a family activity. Anyone under 18 is expected to attend with a parent or guardian. Adults are expected to actively participate alongside (or in battle against) their children and to supervise their children's adherence to our safety rules.

We will supply the materials for each family to make foam swords suitable for children and adults to use. These materials come at a moderate cost, expected to be around $30 for a pair of swords (for child and adult). You can make additional swords at $15/each for additional parents and/or children.

Solitude Junior will involve light play combat using these foam swords. Children under 15 are not permitted to strike other children; instead, the children will battle adults. Rather than a serious contest of skill, these battles are for the entertainment of the children and to introduce them to the fun of swinging a foam sword around.

Foam sword play combat is a largely safe activity. Children are capable of hurting someone using a foam sword, but while they follow basic safety rules they are unlikely to do so. As with any athletic activity, though, the potential for injury exists. While injuries caused by foam swords themselves are very unlikely, trips, falls, and bumps into walls are a real risk.

In addition to play combat, we will try to engage children and adults in other forms of imaginative play. Not every story needs to involve fighting!

Children will be encouraged to develop hero personas, powers and backstories with the help of their adults.

Expectations for Children

To participate in Solitude Junior, a child should be able to:

Children who aren't prepared to fully participate are welcome to attend sword-making activities and battle their own family.

What to bring